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Vdex 40 Technical Specifications
PBX Functionality
  • Multiple processors separate voice from data & are managed independently
  • Hardware echo cancellation
  • Hardware voice codecs
  • Conferencing, including mixed codecs (transcoding)
  • Embedded system: no spinning disk drive or noisy power supply fan
  • Automated Attendant
  • Configurable IVR
  • Multiple, nested IVR support
  • Answer call and route caller to requested extension
  • Call Forward on Busy, No Answer
  • Call Hold, Park and Transfer
  • Call Routing . least cost etc
  • Caller ID (not all countries)
  • Call logging/statistics
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Local and Remote SiP Extensions
  • Memory: On-board Flash
  • Remote Call Pickup
  • Remote Office Support
  • Telephone extensions: SIP (digital)
  • Time and Date stamping
  • Voicemail save to internal flash memory
  • Voicemail to email
  • Local & remote configuration via browser
  • 4Asterisk, other GPL, Druid and other
Voice Codecs & Functions
  • G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729a/b
  • G.168 echo cancellation
  • 4ARM processors x 2
  • DSPs - proprietary - one or more
  • LAN port: 1 ethernet 10/100BASE T port, RJ45 socket
  • Telco: 4 x FXO (Telco line ports)
Capacity - Voice
  • Telephone extensions SIP (using same codec): typical 36+
  • Simultaneous G723.1/G726/G729ab PBX Codecs: 16
  • Voice mail accounts: typical 36+; 9 to 45 hours, codec dependant
  • Telecom line ports (FXO): 4
  • SIP Service Providers: typical but not limited to 6
Internet & Network
  • 4Asterisk SIP Components LAN side
  • Web server
  • Mail user agent to send voicemail messages
Signalling - Analogue
  • Loop start
  • FSK Caller ID (not supporting all countries)
Signalling, Voice - Packetised
  • 4Asterisk SIP Components on the LAN side
  • 4IAX
  • Configuration and management via optimised and hardened Druid browser interface
  • Password protected; accessible from LAN
  • Segmented storage of configuration; backup configuration to LAN
  • Firmware upgrade via LAN
  • Reset: software via LAN or fitted momentary switch
Ports - Additional
  • 1 x Reset momentary switch
  • 1 x Low volt power supply
  • 1GB NAND Flash, 128MB SDRAM and 8MB of NOR Flash memory

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Tech Specs Functionality

Feature Vdex 40Feature Vdex 40
Two Processors Separate Voice & Data to Maximise QualityTelecom Lines - FXO Ports4
Conferencing: Transcoding Mixed Codecs/ParticipantsSiP Extensions (total where using same codec)36+
Hardware Echo Cancellation - Superior to Software SolutionsSimultaneous G.723.1/G726/G.729a/b PBX Codecs16
Hardware Codecs Provide Optimal Quality Voice CompressionVoicemail Accounts36+
Config/Manage, Local+Remote via Druid Browser InterfaceVoicemail + Record + IVR Users Concurrent12
Asterisk Subset, Modified and Hardened by TechnoCoSIP Provider Accounts (typically but not limited to)6
Voicemail Notification & Messages Sent via EmailConferencing Capacity (shared with other resources)8
Interactive Voice Response - Nested & User ConfigurableLAN (local area network) Ports1
Memory - Flash, Non-volatile (no mechanical disk drive)1 GB3Memory - SDRAM128MB3

3Represents total capacity; available/free memory will vary dependant upon applications installed and in use. 4Digium, Asterisk and IAX are registered marks of Digium, Inc. an entity with which technoCo has no affiliation. Vdex utilises a subset of Asterisk code modified by technoCo. Product specifications are pre-release projections only, are not final and are subject to change without notice. All specifications will be finalised prior to sale transaction.