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Hardware Warranty
TechnoCo warrants Vdex Product manufactured by it to be free from defects in materials and faulty workmanship under normal usage and storage for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase provided that all installation and operating procedures as described within the appropriate user documentation and product labelling have been adhered to and the hardware has not been tampered with. Furthermore this Warranty excludes damage to the Product which is deemed at the sole discretion of TechnoCo to be caused as a result of abnormal usage or abuse and or tampering and or misuse and or weather conditions such as lightning storms. If during this twelve month period a defect covered under the terms and conditions of this Warranty should occur, the Product must be returned to and collected from TechnoCo for repair unless otherwise agreed in contract of sale. The cost of freight and insurance to and from the office of TechnoCo is at all times the liability of the purchaser unless otherwise agreed in contract of sale.

Limitation on Warranties & Liability
Even though TechnoCo or its agents have reviewed their documentation and tested the Product software, firmware and hardware they have created, neither TechnoCo nor any other individual or company who has been involved in the creation, testing, production or delivery of the technoco Product documentation, software, firmware and or hardware make any warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to this documentation or the software or the associated hardware and firmware, their quality, performance, or fitness for any particular purpose, nor shall they be liable for any direct, incidental or consequential damages, loss of anticipated profits or benefits resulting from any defect in the software or hardware or firmware or documentation. The documentation and software and hardware and firmware is sold "as is", and you the purchaser are assuming the entire risk as to its performance.

Return Policy
Technoco do not offer a "buy and try" policy. Where Product is dead on arrival (DoA) we will replace the Product as per these and our Return Authority (RA) terms. (Please note, as per our conditions of sale, we will not replace the Product if they have been damaged in transit). Otherwise, returns are only accepted subject to:
the respective Product warranty provided by the manufacturer which may require the Product be returned to the manufacturer; and
your rights as a consumer under the laws of Victoria Australia which includes but is not limited to the product being: suited to its intended purpose; being of merchantable quality; and align with the description provided about it by the manufacturer.

Return Authority (RA)
Customer returning Product under warranty must apply in advance of the return for a Return Authority (RA) number from TechnoCo via the Contact Us section of the web site. An RA number will be supplied by TechnoCo where Product is covered under warranty. This RA number must be placed on the outer surface of the returned package by the customer and must be clearly visible. No Product will be accepted by TechnoCo in the absence of display of a valid RA number. RA numbers have a life of 14 days from issue and are no longer valid if not used within 14 days.

All documentation, firmware and software and hardware authored and or created by technoco are covered by the copyright laws of the country of purchase. Specific hardware may have Patent applications pending. Duplication of technoco hardware, documentation, software and firmware is not permitted in any form either in whole or part.

Product Support
The original owner of this product may under specific contract be provided with access to telephone support for a specified period. Support will only be provided when the "Product Registration Form" has been completed in full and returned/faxed to TechnoCo. Support is not available for any product accompanying, bundled or used with or by this product. Telephone support for this product outside of a specified support contract is NOT free and is provided on a time/charge basis between the hours published on the Support section of the technoco web site.

Trademarks/Registered Companies
The use of trademarks is for reference purposes only. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Advice to Users
This product is supplied with software and or firmware that provides default values which cause the product to operate in a manner compliant with Technical Standards (rules/laws) as specified by regulatory authorities that vary on a country by country basis. Change of the default settings such that the equipment is not set to match the country in which it is physically located may result in the equipment not complying with local regulatory standards/laws. Connection of non-compliant equipment to a telecommunications network operated by a carrier is contrary to the laws of most countries for which penalties apply. The equipment must only be used with the power-pack provided.
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