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Vdex-40 Load Factors, System Capacity and Architecture
Technical specification documents can be downloaded from the Vdex Support page.

In what countries are different Vdex models approved for use?
USA, Canada and South America: Vdex-40 has type approval for use in the USA FCC approval and is UL listed.

Europe: Vdex-SW has CE approval for use in European and RoHS.

Australia and New Zealand: Vdex-SW has A-tick approval for use in Australia and New Zealand. Note A-tick is recognised under New Zealand regulations but Vdex-SW has not been tested to New Zealand PTC220. Vdex-40 is not yet approved for use in Australia and New Zealand.

Other regions: Some countries recognise the above certifications while others do not. If your country is not identified above please make contact your regulatory authority to understand if your country operates under any of the above standards and as such Vdex may be connected to the telecom network.

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