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TechnoCo Pty. Ltd. is a registered Australian Company A.C.N. 127 981 220. Address correspondence to Post Office Box 668 Carlton South 3053. Telephone +61 (3) 9650-5444. The following statement discloses the terms for conditions of sale governing the TechnoCo business and the TechnoCo website. The purchaser agrees that the purchase of goods from, and the supply of goods by or at the direction of TechnoCo, to the purchaser or at the purchaser's direction, until otherwise determined by TechnoCo shall be upon and subject to the following conditions.

Customer may order goods at the specified prices from TechnoCo via TechnoCo.s ecommerce enabled web site and pay for goods via this site. TechnoCo may at its discretion refuse any order. Subject to these terms and your rights as a consumer once an order is placed and paid for by the customer it cannot be withdrawn or cancelled without prior agreement in writing/email by TechnoCo.

In order to purchase via our web site you must first register with us. By registering you provide us with the information we need to process your order, deliver goods to you and inform you of the process. We will debit your credit card immediately upon your Internet and or other action to pay us. If we are not able to despatch your goods from our warehouse within 7 working days we shall reverse the debit to your credit card and inform you via email when goods become available. Due to this delay in shipment you may cancel your order provided it was not for goods not normally sold by us in which case we reserve the right to ship within 45 days after which your order may be cancelled. When goods become available and provided you do not cancel your order under these terms we shall debit your card, clear payment and then despatch the goods. In all respects, payment must be cleared prior to despatch.

Legal and equitable title in goods and materials (excluding software which is subject to the stated license agreements) supplied by us does not pass to the purchaser (other than an interest as a mere bailee) until all moneys owing by the customer have been paid and cleared. Delivery of Goods shall be in all respects at the cost of the purchaser. From the time of despatch of the goods from the warehouse nominated by TechnoCo the goods shall be in all respects at the risk of the purchaser. Click here to view our Warranty & Returns section for information pertaining to these matters. Click here to view our Software License section for information pertaining to these matters.

Claims for shortages, damages and invoice discrepancies must be made 'in writing' to us via email or fax within two working days of delivery/receipt of goods. We reserve the right to review our terms as we deem necessary.

All warranties express or implied to the extent permitted by law are hereby expressly excluded and TechnoCo shall not be under any liability and the purchaser does hereby release TechnoCo from any liability for any loss, damage or expense, consequential or otherwise, actual or contingent, present or future, arising from any defect or failure of any of the goods or arising from any delay or failure to provide the goods due to any cause whatsoever but without limiting the foregoing any act, neglect or default, negligent or otherwise, of TechnoCo its agents servants or contractors. Please click here to view our Warranty & Returns terms.

The purchaser may have statutory rights and remedies under the Trade Practices Act and other Commonwealth, State or Territorial laws that cannot be excluded. Any limitation or exclusion contained in the Conditions does not apply to such statutory rights and remedies save that if the goods are of a kind that are not ordinarily acquired for personal domestic or household use or consumption that liability of TechnoCo to the purchaser is limited to a liability to pay to the purchaser an amount equal to: the cost of replacing the Goods; the cost of obtaining goods equivalent to the Goods; or the cost of repairing the Goods; whichever is the lowest amount unless the Purchaser establishes that it is not fair or reasonable for the liability of TechnoCo in respect of the Goods so to be limited.

Certain goods supplied by TechnoCo are subject to restricted usage and import and export restrictions and distribution by the Government of the United States of America. TechnoCo reserves the right to not supply such goods or supply such Goods subject to the Purchaser: Maintaining records in relation to those Goods; Limiting the usage and distribution of those goods; and Complying with the regulations of the Government of the United States of America, in the manner notified to the purchaser by TechnoCo.

The purchaser and TechnoCo agree that the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia shall govern these conditions and that courts within the State of Victoria or the ACT, Australia shall hear any dispute. TechnoCo may vary all or any of these conditions whereby such change shall affect only those sales made after such change. Notice of change will be displayed via a link displayed on the home page of the web site of TechnoCo for a period not less than seven days.

We reserve the right to review our terms as we deem necessary.

The terms and conditions required by the provider of your credit card facility and the courier companies involved in the delivery of goods to you also apply.

In order to deliver product to you as quickly and efficiently as possible we despatch from three bases: the Asia Pacific region is serviced from Melbourne, Australia; USA, Canada and Latin America regions are serviced from California; and the European Union is yet to be finalised.

Web Site Encryption
When exchanging personal information, TechnoCo implements 256-bit SSL encryption on all data transferred between your browser and our web server.
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