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Vdex is a hybrid PBX phone system interoperating with the telephone and Internet networks to utilise the best of both. Operating popular Asterisk4 iPBX software modified and hardened by Technoco, Vdex provides both PBX and advanced voice over Internet (VoIP) functionality. Vdex does not require Internet connection. If the Internet "goes down" Vdex still performs as a PBX and messaging system, placing and receiving calls to and from the telephone network. When connected to the Internet, Vdex is additionally a VoIP gateway providing access to lower-cost calls, call routing over the Internet to remote phones, offices and others connected to the Internet anywhere in the world.

Vdex Modified Asterisk4 PBX
Model 40
Retail Pricing
Australia No longer available due to chipset EOL
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Tech Specs Functionality Brochure

Feature Vdex 40Feature Vdex 40
Two Processors Separate Voice & Data to Maximise QualityTelecom Lines - FXO Ports4
Conferencing: Transcoding Mixed Codecs/ParticipantsSiP Extensions (total where using same codec)36+
Hardware Echo Cancellation - Superior to Software SolutionsSimultaneous G.723.1/G726/G.729a/b PBX Codecs16
Hardware Codecs Provide Optimal Quality Voice CompressionVoicemail Accounts36+
Config/Manage, Local+Remote via Druid Browser InterfaceVoicemail + Record + IVR Users Concurrent12
Asterisk Subset, Modified and Hardened by TechnoCoSIP Provider Accounts (typically but not limited to)6
Voicemail Notification & Messages Sent via EmailConferencing Capacity (shared with other resources)8
Interactive Voice Response - Nested & User ConfigurableLAN (local area network) Ports1
Memory - Flash, Non-volatile (no mechanical disk drive)1 GB3Memory - SDRAM128MB3

3Represents total capacity; available/free memory will vary dependant upon applications installed and in use. 4Digium, Asterisk and IAX are registered marks of Digium, Inc. an entity with which technoCo has no affiliation. Vdex utilises a subset of Asterisk code modified by technoCo. Product specifications are pre-release projections only, are not final and are subject to change without notice. All specifications will be finalised prior to sale transaction.