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VoIP Pioneers Announce Embedded Asterisk™ For Open Source Communities

USA, March 15, 2007 - technoCo ( TechnoCo announces its embedded PBX hardware platform, Vdex, running a technoCo modified, embedded version of popular Asterisk™ PBX software.

As a result of significant investment by technoCo, teams in Europe, USA and Taiwan working throughout 2006/07 have develop Vdex, an embedded PBX hardware platform. The developers have also ported Asterisk open source software to run as an embedded application on Vdex. TechnoCo co-founder Rick Spielrein says, "We are pleased to state that through the release of our modified Asterisk code back into the open source Asterisk community we are in a position to empower developers in these communities who have contributed to, and been implicit in the success of Asterisk. By investing in modifying the code we ensure its operation on our Vdex hardware. Many developers act as value-added resellers. With the release of Vdex they will be able to sell embedded product to their customers and reap the commercial benefits of their open source contributions."

Vdex is a sophisticated, hybrid telephony platform integrating multiple microprocessors and multiple digital signalling processors with numerous industry-standard voice codecs and LAN and telecom line interfaces. TechnoCo plans to homologate then release Vdex first in the USA followed by Europe then the Asia Pacific region.

Recognising ease of use, control and management of Asterisk to be a key issue for users and resellers, technoCo have partnered with to incorporate an embedded version of Voiceroute's popular Druid browser-based user interface into Vdex.

TechnoCo was founded by three pioneers of the voice over Internet (VoIP) industry whose previous company, OzEmail Interline, was the first in the world to provide commercial Internet telephony (VoIP) to the public on a global basis. Operating across seventeen countries, OzEmail Interline was sold "last century" to a division of MCI WorldCom. While maintaining interests in the technology sector the founders identified an opportunity to empower contributors to open source VoIP software - who require specialised hardware platforms in order to commercialise their software - and created "technoCo".

TechnoCo co-founder Rick Spielrein will attend VoIP industry show "VoN" to speak with and gather feedback from the Asterisk community. To meet the VoIP pioneer, go to the technoCo stand 751, VoN, San Jose, March 20 - 22. Vdex will be on display at VoN.

Product is anticipated to be available in commercial quantities end June. TechnoCo state Vdex pricing will be release in Q2 and believe the market will find the pricing to be very attractive.

TechnoCo is researching further products in keeping with its philosophy of empowering software developers through the provision of targeted hardware platforms at price points that were previously only available to large volume industry players. To contribute to their product definition research, go to and participate in their on-line survey.

Also available at is a 1997 video of The Honourable Paul Keating (ex Prime Minister of Australia) releasing the OzEmail Interline VoIP services at a media event in Australia. This includes 1997 video comments about the potential for VoIP made by the largest carrier in Australia, Telstra.

Vdex is an acronym derived from Voice Digital Exchange.

Asterisk™ and Digium are registered marks of Digium, Inc. an entity with which technoCo has no affiliation. Vdex utilises a subset of Asterisk open source code modified by technoCo.
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